The teacher presents the image of a little girl crying. She asks the children to notice and say why the child was crying.
Ionut: She cries because she has a toothache.
Maria: I think she was punished by her parents.
Sandu: In my opinion, she lost something which she held dear.
Corina: I have a feeling she was in a fight with her best friend.
Daniel: A bad grade in Math.
Diana: On her birthday, she did not receive the present she expected.
Anca: She is alone in the world.
Ionel: She is hungry or cold.
Lucian: Children don’t want to play with her.
Emanuela: Someone hit her.
Alexandru: She doesn’t know how to do her homework.
Dana: Her little fish died in the fish tank.
Marius: She did not get the main part in the school theater „The Goat with 3 Kids”.
Teacher: WE could go on like this, but I suggest we stop now. You are all right, but I suggest we discuss Lucian’s opinion: „Children don’t want to pay with her.” Why do you think some children are not accepted in games?
Dana: They do not respect the rules of the game.
Sandu: She always wants to lead the game.
Daniel: She uses bad words and bullies her classmates.
Corina: She doesn’t know how to play. And she always expects to be told what to do.
Alexandru: She doesn’t run fast enough. And the team may lose because of her.
Anca: She never does her homework. She can’t even read.
Teacher: Thank you, children! (turning towards Corina) Corina, why do you claim this cannot is not able to play?
Corina: Maybe she keeps forgetting the rules during the game. And then all the others need to stop, explain again, and again, and again… At which point, the game is not fun anymore. So it is normal that she is not wanted in the group.
Teacher: I met a child who was like this. Classmates learned from his parents that his  behaviors were caused by some health problems. In order to help, they explained the rules of the game as many times as necessary. This was, he was able to be part of the game. Going back to what Corina was saying: „…it is normal that she is not wanted in the group” Do you agree?
Maria: Me, if I were group leader, I would clearly explain the rules of the game and on the first offence I would forgive him. We could stop. And we could start again, after explaining the rules. And again. If I was not able to make myself understood, I would wonder if he has any communication problems. I would take him by my side, explaining what to do when the time comes. Under no circumstances would I take him out of the game.
Diana: You are right! It would be good to accept each other, even if we make mistakes sometimes, even if we are not the same.
Emanuela: I agree with you. I cannot even imagine a world in which we would all be the same.
Teacher: I see Emanuela caught the idea I was trying to emphasize.Let’s accept ourselves as we are!
    Have you ever been eliminated from a game? How did you feel?
   Did you know that…
  Autism affects how people think, communicate and interact with others, children with autism may have limited interests or be obsessed with certain topics such as trains. Children with autism have repetitive and stereotyped behaviors to manage their internal arousal states and may flap their hands or twist their fi nger, or have complex whole body movements. Some people with autism think in pictures and may do better with instructions if they are presented visually.