Beyond words ...


     Whenever we go back to our childhood memories, a rush of gentleness and warmth is present in our smile. Nostalgia often struggle to prevent hot tears in our eyes. It is a true to say that you can never forget childhood! It is a cradle between existence and becoming. Because here, in childhood, at home, we are careless, we are eager to play, to feel joy at every sunrise and sunset. Here children are friends. Arguments never last long, and soon result in reconciliation. Why here and bit of anything and I can share? It showed joy to offer pleasure. No child chooses to play alone. Yet often, we adults, disturb their innocence game. Why ... ?

     All children are alike, yet different. They accept each other as they are. But we, adults ...?

    I do not know how many children will get to read these lines, but surely some can browse the book and enter into the innocent world of the characters. In childhood, the image is more convincing. But adults will read these lines, then ...

     Leave your worries for a moment and browse this book, whoever you are. Allow yourself to remember when you were a child. Nobody should forget the “dedication” of Antoine de Saint Exupéry in The Little Prince: “All great men were once children. (But few of them remember). “ Children, this book is addressed to you. Step forward in the world of innocence and help those like you, but still different to live in a better world!

Teodor Sărăcuţ-Comănescu