Together in the world of innocence



     The Romanian Prader Willi Association considers education of children in the spirit of acceptance of others, and children’s understanding and emotional sensitivity to be particularly important. It is an investment now for future generations.

     The concept of inclusive education is increasingly present in Romanian education, but, is Romania really ready for this? Do teachers and parents of healthy children really understand? Does the community understand that it is responsible in this regard? Have parents prepared children for such a situation?

    The school has training and leverage these features, and knows how to foster acceptance and understanding, but we can not do this alone, but by involving all the factors that may cause changes.

     As an organization involved in the lives of children who fate has been less than generous, we considered our intervention in the education of children necessary. And what more effective incentive could we offer than to create stories for children? As children, the whole universe captivates us at this stage of life, and influences our subsequent emotional development.

     The teachers who wrote this book have tried to show us that children’s lives, at school or in society, and relations between children, constitutes an important means to know better, to properly assess situations of life, the decisions of others, but also the opportunity to be involved when needed.

     Dear children, these stories are true. Reading them, one understands how to behave in a certain situations with colleagues. For some, every day means a real battle for life!

Dorica Dan, president RPWA