World MCT8-AHDS Day



The 8th of October is just around the corner and we are rallying our forces to let the world know we’re here and we’re fighting an uneven battle for our children’s lives. We hope you’ll join us!

The 8th of October is World MCT8-AHDS Day and we would like you to join us in our efforts to raise awareness for MCT8 Deficiency. MCT8 Deficiency also called Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome is an ultra-rare, debilitating genetic disorder that only affects boys and it has no cure.

As a parent-based organization, the MCT8-AHDS Foundation is trying to empower the community and improve the quality of life of our children, raise interest within the researcher community in the hope of finding a cure and last but not least, raise awareness with the general public for this ultra-rare disorder.