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Sunt mai puțin capabil să înțeleagă limba care este în video, poate da un pic de informații cu privire la scopul videoclipului? Mulțumesc.


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I have downloaded the plupload package, unzipped it into my localhost dir, and am using the queue_widget_dev.html to upload some files.

I want to work out how error reporting works, so I can make my own error messages in my script that receives the file.

I find that if I change the upload js, so it is to url : 'upload1.php', I get a red cross, and if I do an alert(err.message); on line 276 of jquery.plupload.queue.js I get a "IO Error" alert. 


However if I upload to upload.php, I get a green tick, regardless of what is in upload.php. In upload.php I have put in:

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